Happy Ramadan Kareem 2019

Ramadan Fasting Wishes 2019

Fasting is one of the healthiest religious rituals and activities to happen to a human body. As we all know, it is a physical form of worship but it can be turned to a spiritual one through good deeds like sending fasting wishes to your loved one and being a kind human to them. Ramadan Fasting wishes are an excellent way of letting those whom you care about, know that you are there for them in the Month of Ramadan and of course always. You basically make them feel that they matter no matter how religiously busy you are. In fact, it is the month of fasting that is Ramadan that has the ability to bring Muslims closer.

There is some important fasting month wishes that we should all remember to send our loved ones regarding the holy and blessed month of Ramadan al Kareem. These are usually either Islamic or health-related fasting month wishes. The thing with religious Ramadan fasting quotes is that you get them from everywhere and almost from everyone on your social media accounts and your contact list. However, seldom are those fasting quotes sent which have an inclination towards educating us towards how to be healthy in Ramadan as it is crucial to stay fit and healthy during the month of Ramadan Al Kareem without falling sick and exhausting ourselves.

Healthy fasting wishes include reminding your loved ones to drink plenty of water and keep their body hydrated in between the Sehri and Iftar times. Despite drinking fluids especially water, you have to remind others that drinking too much water right after the fast is broken is not a very healthy practice. Apart from that, one should not miss out on exercise in the month of Ramadan but, also not exhaust ourselves by doing strenuous exercises. Remind your loved ones to stay mobile and not be lethargic. All these healthy fasting month wishes can be sent through SMS or even call. You can even put your first ever Ramadan Mubarak status on social media such that it includes these healthy habits for Ramadan.

This time in Ramadan 2019, wish your loved ones and friends with fasting month quotes that are unique and not just comprised of a plain "Ramadan Mubarak". Make sure you are making them feel loved in this month of spiritual blessings and this way, you can please Allah even more. The idea always is to keep in touch with your friends and family at all times and help them in times of need. Ramadan is a good time to do all this and fasting wishes can act as a tool for such generous and beautiful practices.

Follow these above-mentioned ideas for sending away fasting month wishes all over as this is something which is useful for everyone who is fasting for 29 or 30 days in Ramadan. Some people even fast for the first few days of Shawal too so these habits can be inculcated in them too through sending them healthy fasting wishes.

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