Happy Ramadan Kareem 2019

Happy Ramadan Kareem 2019

One of the most common things that we get to hear and see during the month of Ramadan or even before it has even started is the "Happy Ramadan 2019" wish from everyone in our list of friends and family. This is undoubtedly a very sweet gesture that we as Muslims, take out this much of time and send away greetings for Ramadan in various forms. Some people like to call and wish, while others rely on social media. Some people even go the extra mile and send away Ramadan goodies like a cake that says Ramadan Mubarak or something similar to that.

Happy Ramadan Wishes 2019:

Tiny things like wishing each other through Ramadan greetings might not seem to be a powerful way of bringing people together but it actually is something that has the power to unify Muslims living in all parts of the world. We should, therefore, never try to underestimate the power of the small good deeds that we do let it be wishing someone a happy Ramadan Kareem. It does not matter which mode of communication you choose or which channel you prefer to send this wish across, what matters the most is that you remember and make the other person feel good about himself during the beginning of this beautiful month of blessings,

Prayers for Happy Ramadan Kareem:

Our messages to others only outshine everything else when they are coming straight from the heart. This means that whatever we send our friends and family in terms of wishing them a Happy Ramadan Kareem 2019, should include some kind of prayer within. These prayers are important because they make you think of others just the way you would think about yourself and your family. This kind of practice restores a Muslim's faith in Islam and there is nothing more beautiful than a refreshing new awakening even if you are a born and practicing Muslim. Create your own kind of prayers according to whom you are sending the message to.

One important prayer that should always be a part of the happy Ramadan prayers is that we should all as a big global community always prays for the prosperity of the Muslim nation. The prayers should be for the unity of Muslim nations and people in terms of being brothers and sisters as prescribed by the Holy Quran. Ramadan al Kareem is an excellent time to actually make such important prayers as Allah listens very intently to all the prayers that come from a heart that feels deeply.

Make such patriotic prayers a part of your Namaz too rather than only waiting to send them along with your Happy Ramadan wishes. The Muslim world definitely needs more and more of these wishes and prayers and it is through us, the Muslim community that a difference can actually be made regarding the changing image of Muslims. If we join hands as one community against all evils this Ramadan this Ramadan would actually turn into an extremely prosperous Ramadan for all of us.

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