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Ramadan is Coming Quotes 2019

One of the most famous and trending things that happen in the month of Ramadan is that people send each other Ramadan is coming quotes. These quotes are sent in almost any language and have become a global thing in the last few years. People send these quotes to their loved one through e-cards, email, letter, handmade cards and even through text messages and on social media. The idea is to spread love and rebuild your connection with the beautiful spirit of this holy month through Ramadan is coming quotes 2019.

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Ramadan Fasting Quotes:

Many people believe the month of Ramadan Kareem is an excellent chance for them to seek forgiveness from Allah and turn to good deeds. Some Ramadan is coming quotes are also in this regard too.

Ramadan is a month of Allah,
Whose beginning is mercy
whose middle is forgiveness
whose end is freedom from fire

Doing good deeds and turning towards Allah is the key to success during this holy month and many Ramadan is coming quotes 2019 and reading them before this holy month of blessings starts is an excellent way of understanding the whole concept behind fasting and the blessings attached to it.

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Ramadan is Coming Quotes

"It Is The Last Friday Of Ramadan,
Which Many Muslims Deem To Be Of Important Significance.
For People Who Usually Don't Attend Jummah Everyone Defiantly Attends On This Day, On This Jummah Or Attend At The Bigger Mosques, That They Normally Don't Attend."
"""... turn your face towards the Sacred Mosque; and wherever you are, turn your faces towards it... ""
The Holy Koran [ 2:150 ]
Wishing you all the blessings from Allah
and praying for a blessed Ramadan

Ramazan Kay Pehla Ashra (10 Din) "Rehmat",
Doosra "Maghfirat",
Teesra Dozakh Say "Nijat", Hai.
Aye Mah-e-Ramzan Aahista Chalna
Humen Khasa Qaraz Chukana Hai,
Kuch Khuwab Hai Jinko Likhna Hai
Aur Taaberon Ko Pana Hai,
Kuch Log Hain Ujray Dil Wale
Un Sab Main Pyar Basana Hai,
Aur Khiza Raseda Aangan Main
Ab Aman Ka Beej Lagana Hai,
Or Rab Ko Humen Mana'Na Hai
Humen Khasa Qaraz Chukana Hai..
The lord you worship in Ramadan is the same lord you turn away from in all the others months.
– Sheikh abu abdisilam.

Ramadan is coming soon,
we are waiting for the moon,
the month of blessings,
the month of forgiveness,
the month full of mercy,
gods blessings in bounty.
I cant describe the inner peace,
in this month of pure bliss
oh Ramadan come soon
we are waiting for your moon.

ramadan kareem quotes

As we enter Ramadhan if we're upset with anyone, let us forgive one another for His(Allah) sake. Let us not keep a heart full of grudges." – Mufti Ismail Menk
Ramadan is a month of the Islamic calendar in which Allah SWT revealed Quran to Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him). So Ramadan is also month of Quran, Focus reading and reciting Quran in the holy month of Ramadan.
At night Pray the Tarawih and the Tahajjud and gain immense blessing from Allah in this holy Month of Ramada. During the day recite the Quran and try to understand its meaning as what Allah wants from us.
Don't just keep away from food but also from wasting your time in useless talks, arguments, making fun, doing sinful acts etc. Do good deeds and avoid sinful acts not in just Ramdan but always.
"O Allah! Extend our lives to witness Ramadan." Aameen
"The breaking of the fast should traditionally include dates."s
Ramadan is a holy month dedicated to prayer, Quran recitation, introspection and fasting during the sunlight hours.
"May this upcoming Ramadan be the best Ramadan for all of us." Aameen
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