Happy Ramadan Kareem 2019

Happy Ramadan Kareem Cards 2019

Getting unique and classic ideas for Ramadan Kareem cards 2019 is really a difficult task. However, there are many kinds of options that you can choose from. Ramadan related cards are obviously not like any other forms of cards like wedding cards or Eid greetings cards. They have to have a certain kind of format and cannot be too flashy. This does not mean that only cards that are simple and in one basic color are suitable for Ramadan but you can opt for colors that are slightly glamorous too e.g. gold, silver etc. The main thing to be kept in mind is that you keep track of a theme when it comes to the Ramadan related cards.

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Happy Ramadan Kareem Cards Themes 2019:

One of the major tips to help you make and send Happy Ramadan Kareem cards 2019 is that you follow a certain kind of Ramadan related theme. The question might arise as to what really is a Ramadan theme. Ramadan is mostly associated with colors that are classy like navy blue, gold, silver and white etc. there is no hard and fast rule over using animations, pictures r drawings. One can most definitely use pictures and images of objects that are related to the Ramadan theme like a crescent, stars, Holy Quran etc. If you are making a Ramadan card of your own then you can blindly follow these above mentioned themes for Ramadan and make the card look even more precious.

Always remember to keep a unified scheme over the course of the card. This means that if you have chosen a certain kind of color combination for the outside of the card, go with the same combination on the inside too. If you think that would seem a bit too much for the Ramadan Kareem cards then simply stick to a white interior. Apart from that, the font and color of the font should most definitely be in line with the overall theme of the card. If all these things do not match, your card will look a bit awkward and would not be able to leave the same kind of impact that it would have left if a proper scheme was to be followed.

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Stay as simple as you can no matter what kind of Ramadan related cards you are sending. This  means that Ramadan cards can be sent online or could be purchased from nearby stores or even made by hand at home. Whichever kind you prefer, the same kind of tips would apply to all as the main idea is to make these cards stand out rather than look nothing special and mundane. Ramadan Kareem cards are an excellent way of bringing people closer to each other so this Ramadan 2019, make sure that you do not let the tradition of sending cards to each other die. Ramadan is a month of blessings and festivity and this practice of making and sending Ramadan Kareem cards should basically reflect this very spirit. It is sure to inculcate a spirit of brotherhood in all of us.

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